2012 Solo exhibition "Illusions captives " Espai d'Art of the Passion Olesa of Montserrat”


         Commissioned original artwork Passió d'Olesa "25th Anniversary Poster" New Theatre.

2011 Collective National Prize of  Painting 1999-2010, HONDA. Arts Santa Mònica Center. Barcelona.

         Royal Secret 011, Royal College of Art. Londres

         Wall Paper. Collective Art &Desing. Barcelona

2010 Royal Secret 010, Royal College of Art. Londres

         Finalist Premio Barcelona de Pintura, Fundación Vila Casas, Barcelona

         Arte&Letra, Library of the Faculty of Fine Art of  Complutense University. Madrid

2009 Royal Secret 09, Royal College of Art. Londres

Project “Fazer falar a Pintura” University of Porto

2008 Royal Secret 08, Royal College of Art. Londres

2007 Museo de Girona, Honda Prize 2007

2004 Collective at Gulbenkian Gallerys,10 Years of RCA Secret, sponsor: Bowieart,

         Royal College of Art. London, United Kingdom

         Acquisitión in the IV Prize of Painting Ángel

         “Todisa Collectión of painting” Bertelsmann Group” S.C. Madrid

2003. XXV Salón de Otoño of Painting. Plasencia. Esp

2002. Solo exhibition Valle Quintana gallery, Madrid.

2001. Award Honda Prize of Painting. La Garriga, Barcelona.

          XXIII Salón de Otoño of Painting. Plasencia. Esp

2000.Acquisition for La Caixa Fundatión, Testimoni Collection.,  Barcelona

          Solo Exhibition Senda 292 gallery, Barcelona.

          XXII Salón de Otoño of Painting. Plasencia. Esp

          Solo exhibition Valle Quintana gallery, Madrid.

1999. XXI Salón de Otoño of Painting. Plasencia. Esp

1998. Acquisition Galerie DieB. 4A, Manheim. Germany

          XX Salón de Otoño of Painting. Plasencia. Esp

1997. Award L’ Òreal prize of Painting, Madrid.

          Acquisition for  City Council of Barcelona. Collection C.C.S.A.

         “Afther Condition” video film for collective exhibition in Center of  Art Santa Mónica

         Generalitat de Catalunya. January 1997. Barcelona.

1996.Secon Prize of X Competition of Painting Miquel Casablancas,   City Council of Barcelona.

          XVIII Salón de Otoño de Pintura de Plasencia

1995. Acquisition for the BBV Collection. Barcelona.

          Acquisition for the Heritage Collection. University of Barcelona . barcelona

          Finalist Eropean Art Competition. Sweiz Bank Union, Smitson’s Gallery, London. United Kingdom

1994. Grant Amigó Cuyàs Foundation, Universitat of Barcelona; project “Cap de Gata”.

          3thrd. Prize of painting Garcia Camacho. College of Doctors and Bachelors in Fine Arts of Barcelona.

1993.Collective Exhibition “Avui es demà” for the acts of tribute to Joan Miró 93, Year Miró.

          Sala Gaspar Gallery, Barcelonal

          III Biennal of Girona, Art Museum of Girona.

1992. I Biennal of Art Martorell, Barcelona.

1990.  Collective Exhibition Europrimtemps. Dole, France.

1988. VI Mostra d’art Contemporani Català.

1987. II Biennal of  Art F.C. Barcelona. BCN.

1986. Collective Exhibition 80 Artístes Catalans per l’Uruguay,

          Capella de la  Sta. Creu. Barcelona Collective exhibition Forum Borse Gallery. Goteborg, Sweden.

          VII Premi de Pintura Fornells – Pla, La Garriga. Barcelona.

1984.  First prize of drawing and third Prize of Painting, in the Local Art Show of Martorell. Barcelona